Introducing the new Bulgari Aluminium watch

August 2020

Introducing the new Bulgari Aluminium watch

The new Bulgari Aluminium watch 2020 reignites the fire lit back in 1998 by the first-generation models. It speaks a universal language that goes far beyond gender, age, trends, eras, social profile and personal style. More than 20 years have gone by, yet time has had no hold on this line, which has remained vibrantly alive in watchmaking memory.


lashback: in 1998, Bulgari – a jewellery brand at the top of the pyramid of major luxury stakeholders – presented a collection made from totally unexpected materials. Aluminium and rubber, in a highly graphic combination of black and white, composed the most innovative, modernist casual watch of the decade that was drawing to a close.

By incorporating unconventional materials, Bulgari was a pioneer in reinventing the idea of luxury, propelling it into the future with signature elegance and daring. There is something ingenious about its unexpected juxtapositions — the kind of design choices that show unerring confidence in one’s artistry. At first glance, the materials feel out of place, and yet, through a certain alchemy, they are reborn, transformed into luxury pieces through vision and execution. Simple yet striking, the collection approached the watchmaking world with a boldness and strength that felt refreshing and just a touch irreverent.


The planet-wide success was epitomised by the livery of an Alitalia Jumbo jet 747, providing a giant backdrop for the watch’s colours. Bulgari Aluminium was THE watch of the jet set meanwhile it took a unisex dimension that was not usual at that time. Two decades have failed to diminish the power of a collection that makes light of contextual changes and trends with its disruptive, perpetually contemporary approach.

The new Bulgari Aluminium watch is smart and cool, immediately recognisable as part of the Bulgari DNA while embodying sophisticated, sporty and modern expression: more than 20 years later, it remains a natural-born provocateur that stands out from current watchmaking codes.


That is precisely what Bulgari is all about. Limits are made to be transgressed and conventions exist only to be questioned. Between the two generations of Bvlgari Aluminium watch, the design has been changed in order to improve the comfort on the wrist thanks to reshaped lugs to adapt to the new case size. The 2020 versions no longer house a mechatronic-quartz movement but instead a mechanical self-winding movement, an evolution enabled by the now fully integrated Manufacture Bvlgari. Last, the aluminium alloy is more resistant and the rubber technical features have been improved as well.

In many ways, the design is typical Bulgari. Crafted in aluminium and rubber, it redefines what a luxury object and sport watch can be. Bulgari is known for its precious metals, stones and high price point, but the new Bvlgari Aluminium watch defies expectations by choosing to focus on pure, cool style – executed with unimpeachable expertise. Bvlgari’s Italian sporty sensibility is front and centre in this new unisex edition.

“Masterpieces impose themselves to the crowd from the moment of their birth and they never die. Bvlgari Aluminium is a masterpiece of design; and a milestone in the history of the watch industry for its unique design and combination of industrial materials. After many years dedicated to grow the Octo collection, bringing Bvlgari Aluminium back under the spotlight is an immense source of pride and satisfaction for us.” Antoine Pin, Bvlgari Watches Managing Director

The Bulgari Aluminium watch defines the characteristics of the brand that has always sought to push the boundaries of conventional design in pursuit of the new, the unexpected and the sublime.

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