Bovet unveils the Sunshine collection

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November 2020

Bovet unveils the Sunshine collection

Bovet introduces a new line starting with a very limited edition of seven Brainstorm Chapter Two with a yellow dial. A new bright and vibrant color inspired by the sun at the zenith seen from the brand’s workshops.


ovet introduces its Sunshine Collection starting with a very limited edition of only seven Brainstorm Chapter Two with a yellow dial. The brand’s owner Pascal Raffy has imagined this new bright and vibrant yellow dial while watching the sun at the zenith from Bovet’s workshops in the Môtiers Castle.

Nature has always been an important source of inspiration to him. The positive energy and hapiness felt while staring at the sun immediately grew into the Sunshine collection. Yellow has much significance and cultural history, as yellow ochre pigment was one of the first colors used in art.


The new Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two Sunshine is available in fully hand-engraved movements, all in the crafted monoblock Sapphire “Writing Slope” case (47.8 mm). It features a yellow dome-shaped dial, hand-coated by the Bovet artisans with a green Super-LumiNova® (SLN) that gives the dial a powder finishing to the surface.

The yellow dial accumulates light from the sun, transforming it into a vibrant green dial at dusk. The green color not only enhances the readability at night, it also adds an unexpected new dial to this spectacular timepiece. The green SLN treatment on the entire surface of the dome and its porosity add complexity to the pad printing process, making it one of the most challenging processes.


The Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two features a patented double-face flying tourbillon, a patented radial guidance system, a three-dimensional moon phase with five days of power reserve, and a patented three-dimensional V-shaped needle that allows the collector to display the time zone of their choice. This innovative combination, united with the dome, allows for an intuitive Universal Time function, permitting each of the 24 time-zones to be read simultaneously.

Price: CHF 365,000

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