Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro 43 Diablo

December 2020

Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro 43 Diablo

A marvel of originality, technicality and sportiness, the Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro and the balletic dance of its six retrograde second hands have fascinated watch lovers for more than a decade.


he latest incarnation of a unique complication, the TNT Royal Retro 43 Diablo, pushes the limits of watchmaking expertise even further and reveals a fiery temperament.

The lightness of the TNT Royal Retro 43 Diablo is lent gravitas by its powerful lines. Its exclusive complication is housed in a 43 mm steel and titanium case that affirms its technicality. The bezel is made from itr2, a hypoallergenic composite based on carbon nanoparticles that is six times lighter than steel and four times lighter than titanium. The DLC-coated black bridges contrast with the complication’s 5N gilded gear train and racks and the red hands.

Pierre DeRoche royal_retro_tnt_diablo_black-_europa_star_magazine_2020

Lastly, the textured leather strap offering the alternative between the symbolically devilish colours of red or black brings the final smouldering touch to this exceptional watch issued in a limited edition of 101 pieces.

Pierre DeRoche royal_retro_tnt_diablo_rouge_-_europa_star_magazine_2020

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