Maurice Lacroix celebrates the 25 years of the Eliros

March 2021

Maurice Lacroix celebrates the 25 years of the Eliros

Since 1996, Maurice Lacroix has often used its Eliros collection to present new ideas. The brand is now adding a choice of new models to the current collection.


o mark the anniversary of the Eliros, Maurice Lacroix is unveiling the new Eliros Date 25th. This timepiece is available with a choice of blue or white lacquered dials. Moreover, the wearer can choose from a blue calf-leather strap or a 9-rows steel bracelet.

For the first time the dial design blends long batons with elongated Arabic numerals, each presented in alternating colours, giving the model a modern vibe. The hands are silver-toned or blue, depending on the chosen dial colour, and contribute to the model’s impressive legibility. As its name suggests, this timepiece is endowed with a date indication which is positioned at 3 o’clock.

The 40mm stainless steel case is slender, measuring just 8mm in height, enhancing wearer comfort. A quartz movement is housed within the case, obviating the need for manual winding and delive-ring a high degree of precision. The new model also features the company’s ‘Easy Strap Exchange’ system, allowing the wearer to change the appearance of their Eliros without the need for tools.

To commemorate this milestone in Maurice Lacroix’s history, the case back is engraved with the inscription ‘25th anniversary edition’.

Maurice Lacroix celebrates the 25 years of the Eliros

Keen to mark this milestone in Eliros history, Maurice Lacroix also approached Adeline Ziliox, a member of the ML Crew, famed for her Haute Couture creations. Adeline has worked with Maurice Lacroix’s design, conceiving two limited-edition watches.

One of the models created by Adeline sports a black dial. Once again, it employs Arabic numerals to denote the hours. However, the designer chose to depict the odd-numbered hours with a series of pyramid-like structures, often termed Clous de Paris. A circlet, again encompassing the pyramid-like structures, frames the dial.

At the centre of the dial, Adeline sought to replicate the appearance of fabric, a medium close to her heart. When discussing the second composition, appointed with a pink dial, Adeline’s intentions were clear, “I wanted the pink version to be ultra-feminine. I have used a shade of powder pink, employing a material which provides a relief-effect, depth and character.” The central area of the dial is adorned with a pink lattice-type motif which is repeated on the accompanying strap.

Consistent with other Eliros models, both limited editions include the Swiss brand’s ‘Easy Strap Exchange’ system. Where the Eliros x Adeline Ziliox creations differ is with the composition of the straps and packaging.

Adeline is a proud vegetarian and cares passionately about animal rights. When she worked with the Maurice Lacroix team, she expressed a desire to use alternatives to leather straps. This resonated with the Maurice Lacroix and its vision for a greener future.

Maurice Lacroix celebrates the 25 years of the Eliros

The pink strap is executed in synthetic leather while the black strap is made from Piñatex, a material containing pineapple leaf fibre. Although this latter, highly innovative, textile still contains some man-made ingredients, it represents significant progress and clearly signals Maurice Lacroix’s desire to play its part in creating a sustainable future. Furthermore, the packaging is made mainly from recycled materials, reinforcing the model’s green credentials.

Maurice Lacroix celebrates the 25 years of the Eliros
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