Norqain presents new models in its Independence series

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July 2021

Norqain presents new models in its Independence series

Two new limited editions, one with a scratched midnight blue dial and the other with a skeletonised movement, join the Swiss brand’s Independence collection. The models are equipped with the Manufacture Calibre NN20/1 with 70-hour power reserve.


he Independence 20 model presented last year was the first Norqain timepiece to be fitted with the brand’s Manufacture Calibre. It was limited to 200 pieces worldwide and sold out in just a few days.

The Swiss brand presents two new timepieces in this collection. The first new Independence 21 model follows the path of its predecessor but stands apart with an attractive midnight blue dial. With its unique scratched pattern and remarkable chronometer-certified movement featuring a 70-hour power reserve, this model is poised to be among the brand’s bestsellers. In addition to this timepiece, Norqain is launching a skeletonised model – a first for the Nidau-based brand.

Every single model of the Independence 21 timepiece is one of a kind, as each of the 200 midnight blue dials is brushed by hand, which results in a unique scratched pattern that cannot be duplicated.

The models are equipped with the Manufacture Calibre NN20/1 with 70-hour power reserve. This movement is visible through the scratch-proof sapphire glass caseback. Produced in collaboration with movement manufacturer Kenissi, which was founded by watch brand Tudor, the NN20/1 is stylishly decorated with Norqain touches such as the golden “double-N” logo – symbolising the Swiss Alps – and the brand’s core values engraved on the bridge as “Adventure – Freedom – Independence.”

Norqain presents new models in its Independence series

The calibre NN20/1 has been issued COSC certification. Its sturdy construction features a traversing bridge with two-point fixation that ensures the timekeeping performance will not be hindered by powerful activity. When the customer registers to join the Norqainer Club within one month after their purchase, they will receive an additional year of warranty for a total of five years.

A box-shaped scratch-proof sapphire glass protects the midnight blue dial, which has an outstanding black inner bezel. The hand-applied facetted and polished hour, minute and seconds hands are coated in C1 Superluminova, as are the 12 indexes around the dial.

Norqain presents new models in its Independence series

The 42 mm stainless steel case is decorated with three different finishes. The brushed, polished and sandblasted finishes give the case a dynamic and elegant appearance. “One of 200” is engraved on the caseback, while the Norqain Plate on the left side of the case can be customised with a message or word to live by. The watch is presented on a brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet (USD 3,290) or an integrated high-quality black leather strap (USD 3,110).

Norqain presents new models in its Independence series

As for the skeletonised Independence 21 model, it is a notable premiere. It is the first Norqain timepiece with a skeletonised movement. Underscoring its exclusivity, only 100 pieces of this impressive timepiece will be produced. The unique design of the skeletonised movement is based on the architecture principles of beam construction: each support point is held by at least two arms.

In traditional skeletonised movements, the arms are not straight and there is often only one arm per support point. Thanks to the unconventional design of the Sellita SW200-1 S skeletonised movement, it always remains rigid and offers exceptional shock resistance and a high level of robustness, which distinguishes it from other skeletonised creations.

Norqain presents new models in its Independence series

The lack of dial gives the wearer and admirers a clear view into the heart of the timepiece where the components of the movement in a metallic ruthenium colour are responsible for its eye-catching design. The Norqain logo is on the scratch-proof sapphire glass and the “Chronometer” designation is on the ring, allowing for more of the skeletonized movement to be seen.

The case, bezel, Norqain Plate and bracelet are fashioned from stainless steel with a DLC coating (USD 4,360). This is the first time the brand introduces a bracelet with DLC coating. The complex and detailed finishings – brushed, polished and sandblasted – are visible on the 42 mm case. The watch can also be worn with an integrated black leather strap for a more casual look (USD 3,990).

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