Minase x 10tenLabs® - Divido Blood Orange Limited Edition

November 2021

Minase x 10tenLabs® - Divido Blood Orange Limited Edition

Inspired by the famous Blood Orange fruit that flourishes across the Mediterranean region and combining the heritage of Japanese artistry and craftsmanship, Minase and 10tenLabs® present the Divido Blood Orange Edition. This exclusive 10 pieces limited edition is the second collaboration between Minase and 10tenLabs®, Minase’s official distributor and retailer for the Middle East region.


ivido is Minase’s flagship model. After the success of the first limited edition the “Arabica Coffea” back in April 2021, 10tenLabs® decided to create its second limited edition based upon the same collection.

The Divido Blood Orange Edition is a unique timepiece created with a great attention to details and featuring a unique dial color. The dial is a thin plate of hammered copper finished with a distinctive hand- painted Japanese lacquerware technique. It was decided to add a unique touch of Japanese artistry through showcasing Minase’s “Kanji” above 6 o’clock.

For this edition, 10tenLabs® decided to choose a bright color, a color that fits perfectly with the autumnal season. With the Divido Blood Orange Limited Edition, Minase and 10tenLabs® sought to bring together typical elements of both cultures; the emblematic fruit of the Mediterranean region and the impressive work of Japanese craftsmanship.

Minase x 10tenLabs® - Divido Blood Orange Limited Edition

The watch is powered by Minase regular Swiss automatic movement in high-end execution with handfinished surfaces and perlage. Plated in black “or”, Minase new customized rotor is elegantly decorated with tiny versions of the Minase logo.

This 10 pieces edition was rapidly sold out upon its launch to leading watch aficionados within the 10tenLabs® collectors community.

Minase x 10tenLabs® - Divido Blood Orange Limited Edition

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