Ulysse Nardin plunges into the polychromatic world of the neon rainbow setting

November 2022

Ulysse Nardin plunges into the polychromatic world of the neon rainbow setting

To celebrate one of its greatest watchmaking innovations, the silicium escapement, Ulysse Nardin drew inspiration from its shimmerimg colors and presents two new glamorous watches: the Blast Tourbillon Rainbow and the Lady Diver Rainbow. A Meteor Shower of Color!


lysse Nardin celebrates the Geneva Watch Days with two new versions of its Lady Diver 39 mm and Blast Tourbillon 45 mm timepieces, both inspired by the iridescent rainbow colors of silicium Always a pioneer, in 2001 the brand was the first watchmaker to introduce a timepiece with silicium escapement components and the Freak was born, alongside contemporary watchmaking Since then, Ulysse Nardin has incorporated this metalloid into several of its movements, including the Blast Tourbillon’s caliber UN 172 and the Lady Diver’s caliber UN 816 Inspired by the shimmering colors of this revolutionary material, the bezels of these two new models are adorned with purple, green, blue or pink gemstones that sparkle in the sunlight for a " effect Usually associated with cheerfulness and joy, this multicolored trend guarantees a young and fun style.

The BLAST bears its name well The skeleton "X“ dial’s complex and geometric forms on this imposing 45 mm timepiece with a micro rotor in platinum placed at 12 o’clock simply blow up traditional watch design To soften the look, a total of 50 rubies and sapphire baguette gemstones adorn the bezel and the indexes of this BLAST RAINBOW, making this timepiece sexy and powerful on any wrist.

Ulysse Nardin plunges into the polychromatic world of the neon rainbow setting

Water resistant to 50 meters and driven by an automatic flying tourbillon, the Blast is powered by the UN 172 caliber movement with Silicium technology (escapement wheel, anchor balance spring) enclosed in a black DLC titanium case and sealed with a black ceramic polished and sandblasted upper case This limited edition of 50 timepieces promises 72 hours of power reserve and comes with a waterproof velvet rubber strap or a black alligator strap, together with a black DLC titanium and black ceramic self deploying buckle, at a price of 85 000 CHF.

The new Lady Diver Rainbow in black or white is the next generation of the 2019 Lady Diver but with eye catching, dazzling decorative touches Forty stones (aquamarine, topaz, tsavorite and sapphire) are set on the concave unidirectional bezel of this new watch, catching the light no matter how deep the dive Eleven diamonds serving as indexes increase the scintillating effect of the watch and bring a touch of elegance to this sublime diving watch.

The young and sportive 39 mm Lady Diver Rainbow, water resistant to 300 meters, is the incarnation of a utilitarian timepiece designed to reach the depths of the world’s oceans with beauty, grace, and the highest functionality The UN 816 automatic movement with Silicium technology is the beating heart of each Diver watch, keeping track of the hours, minutes, seconds, and date.

Ulysse Nardin plunges into the polychromatic world of the neon rainbow setting

Both white and black Lady Diver Rainbow models come in a limited edition of 300 timepieces each on a white or black structured rubber strap, at a price of 12 900 CHF.

Since the early 2000 s, silicium has become the most promising material for watchmaking Anthracite with bluish metallic reflections in its raw state, the silicium has exceptional properties totally non magnetic, it is light and elastic without ever deforming Its high resistance to corrosion and its durability do not alter with time It requires no lubrication thanks to a silicium dioxide layer that hardens and stabilizes the parts and makes them insensitive to thermal variations Therefore, Ulysse Nardin uses silicium to manufacture the regulating organs of all its timepieces, including the balance spring.

Sigatec, an affiliate of Ulysse Nardin based in Sion, Switzerland, is specialized in silicium micromechanical components and creates custom made pieces, with micron level precision The silicium used by Sigatec comes in the form of a wafer, a disk about 15 centimeters in diameter and only a few tenths of a millimeter thick, carved out of a silicon crystal ingot, and produced synthetically by smelters The wafer necessitates a particular process in order to be formed into the desired components, which represents the know how of Sigatec the DRIE The Deep Reactive Ion Etching ( process is a revolutionary, hybrid technological combination of photography and 3 D etching It has claimed its pole position in watchmaking in just a decade.

Ulysse Nardin plunges into the polychromatic world of the neon rainbow setting


Reference 1723 400 B 1 LE 2 B RAIN/ 3 A

Functions UN 172 Manufacture automatic skeleton movement Flying tourbillon Hours, minutes Micro rotor in platinum at 12 o clock Escapement wheel, anchor balance spring in Silicium 25 Jewels Frequency 2 5 Hz oscillations 18 000 VPH Power reserve 72 hours

Case Black DLC titanium middle case Black ceramic polished sandblasted upper case

Case-back Black DLC titanium open sapphire case back

Dial Skeleton dial Rectangle and double X in black Black hands in Superluminova ® Black indexes set with 12 rainbow baguette gemstones, 1 58 CTS

Bezel Black DLC stainless steel bezel set with 38 rainbow baguette gemstones (ruby and sapphire), 3 65 CTS Ruby (sapphire ( yellow, green, blue, violet, pink)

Diameter 45 mm

Water resistance 50 m

Strap Black velvet waterproof rubber or black alligator strap Compatible with any Blast Tourbillon strap Black DLC titanium and black ceramic self deploying buckle

Limited edition 50 timepieces

Price 85 000 CHF 80 800 EUR 89 700 USD

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