Ralph Lauren Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

May 2024

Ralph Lauren Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

Elegantly fusing equestrian heritage with Swiss watchmaking, the Stirrup Collection has evolved while staying true to its its foundational codes: a unique case shape and a timeless Roman numeral dial. With this latest model, the American brand opens a new chapter in the enduring collection.


n 2009, Ralph Lauren presented an unprecedented collection of nine watches, each with a stirrup-shaped case and a saddle-inspired leather strap – symbolising the brand’s equestrian heritage – at the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) in Geneva.

Depending on case size – 27.7 x 29.3 mm (small), 32.4 x 34.3 mm (medium), and 36.6 x 38.5 mm (large) – and complications (hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph etc.), the watches featured hand-wound and self-winding mechanical movements, developed exclusively for the new brand by such renowned Swiss watch Manufactures as Jaeger-LeCoultre (caliber RL701 for medium models, and RL750 for large models with chronograph) and Piaget (caliber RL430, for small models).

Ralph Lauren Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

Building on the inaugural series, 2010 saw the introduction of the Medium Stirrup in white gold, featuring a 348-diamond pavé-set case, alongside models in yellow gold. The innovative Stirrup Link in rose gold – with a chunky chain-link bracelet replacing the strap – introduced in 2011 then firmly cemented the brand’s legitimacy at the nexus of Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie. Link models in rose gold, and steel followed in 2012, broadening the appeal without watering down the image of the icon in the making.

In this spirit, 2014 introduced a new Petite Link (23.3 x 27.0 mm) collection address smaller wrist sizes with styles in stainless steel and red or white gold, with or without diamonds. The Stirrup Petite in steel introduced in 2015 with a saddle brown leather strap presented a slightly smaller case (23.3 x 25.0 mm), creating a new aesthetic, more wristband than wristwatch.

In 2018, Ralph Lauren revisited its straps for the Stirrup Collection. The new interchangeable straps allowed for more possibilities of personalisation. The straps featured a metal stud that simplified the process, combining practicality with a new distinctive design element that is truer to the equestrian aesthetic.

Size mattered again in 2019 as the Stirrup Collection celebrated its 10th anniversary with an even smaller case (22.5 X 16.8 mm), the discretely conspicuous Stirrup Mini. In 2021, the brand offered all Stirrup models in a stealthy matte black PVD-coated steel finish. The Black Stirrup collection – in all sizes and all iterations –proved how a ’classic’ aesthetic can be infused with modernity.

Ralph Lauren Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

In 2023, Ralph Lauren introduced two models with added radiance. On the Stirrup Petite Link, the jewelry-inspired bracelet is composed of alternating stainless steel links set with a single row of diamonds. The supple chain-link bracelet, set with 84 stones ( 0.72 Ct), seamlessly complements the iconic stirrup-shaped case (23.3 x 27 mm) whose bezel is set with 60 diamonds ( 0.69 cts). The slightly larger Stirrup Small (27.7 x 29.3 mm) marries an eye-catching diamond-set bezel (60 brilliant-cut stones for a total of .69 cts) with an elegant alligator strap. The sporty elegance of stainless steel and the dazzling extravagance of white diamonds; effortlessly captures the equestrian heritage.

In 2024, fifteen years since its debut, the introduction of the Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds embodies Ralph Lauren’s vision of combining timeless elegance with unparalleled craftsmanship. Adorned with meticulously set diamonds, this exclusive timepiece is limited in availability to ensure its distinguished allure.

Throughout its first decade and a half, the Stirrup Collection has time and again proved a testament to Ralph Lauren’s commitment to design and quality, and has become a symbol of the brand’s enduring legacy in the world of luxury timepieces. In Ralph Lauren’s words: "A watch expresses something personal. It reflects your individuality and taste — from its functionality to its aesthetic.” A decade and a half ago, the Stirrup Collection struck a chord. It continues to resonate...

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