Piaget Polo Chronograph in Talisman green

June 2024

Piaget Polo Chronograph in Talisman green

Following on from the success of the Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin, the Maison’s iconic Piaget Polo watch is striking a chord with another complication – the chronograph – in a vibrant shade of emerald green.


ith the simple but effective statement “Jewellers and Watchmakers since 1874”, stamped on watch certificates of years gone by, Maison Piaget summed up everything that makes it unique. The Maison was founded 150 years ago in La Côte-aux-Fées, in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking valley, by a family whose daring became both an aesthetic signature and the cornerstone of their reputation.

Driven by its talent for the ultra-thin, with watches first crafted from sleek components before incorporating legendary movements, the Maison is also fascinated by the bright colours of ornamental stones and the gold work that they have elevated to an art form. Maison Piaget has always refused to compromise on either technique or aesthetics, elegance or extravagance, firmly establishing itself as the Maison of Extraleganza. This subtle twist is at play in its High Watchmaking and Jewellery creations, as well as its everyday jewellery and watches.

Redesigned in 2016 to take on a more contemporary edge, the Piaget Polo Chronograph still encapsulates the essence of stylish sport-chic first embodied by the 1979 Piaget Polo. It also bears witness to the Maison’s long-standing love of complications, harking back to the chronograph movements used in the Gouverneur watches of the 1980s and in the Protocole XL and Upstream in the 2000s.

Presented here in a 42 mm case size, layering different shapes within the rounded curves of a cushion-shaped case, the complication, driven by a 1160P movement, creates a playful contrast that echoes the two-toned dials of so-called Panda chronographs. Most often combining stark white and matte black, or vice versa, the distinctive Panda look takes on the warm colours and the hint of daring that have always defined the Maison’s creations. This unexpected blend of styles creates a new visual effect.

Vibrant and surprising, this dial echoes the horizontal lines of the 1979 Piaget Polo’s legendary gadroons. These are highlighted by a dense and luminous emerald-green hue that draws the eye, stands out and sets the tone.

Piaget Polo Chronograph in Talisman green

This captivating shade is a nod to the green colour palette of the Swiss Jura mountains, the Maison’s birthplace, and has also been used on the Piaget Polo Date Field and on another iconic complication, the Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin. While the Maison’s other Panda chronograph has a slate blue dial and is paired with a rubber strap, this Piaget Polo Chronograph has gone down the path of light, sporting a stainless steel bracelet. From the time of its launch in the early days of 1980s exuberance to its most recent variations, the Piaget Polo collection has never ceased to radiate its unique brilliance. With a thousand different facets, the Piaget Polo is more than just a marker of the passing of time. It is a lifestyle in and of itself.

To represent this iconic watch, Lee Jun-Ho, a well-known South Korean entertainer, actor, and singer is wearing this piece in a mesmerising photo shoot. Known for his versatile talents, he has starred in various Korean dramas and films. With his bright and cheerful personality as well as neat and sophisticated fashion style, Lee Jun-ho appeals to a wide range of age groups. His captivating presence on stage and screen coupled with his undeniable talent leaves a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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