What to expect from Swedish start-up Anima? [Video]

April 2016

The new smartwatch brand has the goal to “make beautiful smart”. But so far, it has just managed to make us guess what to expect from them by the end of 2016.

We like profiling the challengers at Europa Star, and we learned of another one at Baselworld 2016 that got our attention. The brand is called Anima, a Swedish upstart – which is actually mostly bankrolled by a Chinese company – that announced a new collection of men’s and women’s smartwatches to be released later this year.

Their goal is to “make beautiful smart”. Sounds simple enough, but equally vague as well. In fact, everything we know so far about the company is rather vague.

What will the next watches look like? Not sure. What features will they have? It’s nyone’s guess. What will they cost? No clue. Can they pull it off? Maybe. Do you have anything else to share? Yes!

We did manage to find a video on their website. It didn’t reveal much, but there was both a man and a woman in the video, one of whom was wearing a watch (I won’t spoil it by revealing who it was).

Okay, some other things we do know. Anima Connected specializes in developing miniaturized and smart products, meant to be integrated in watches and jewellery. Since it was founded in September 2015, they have been hard at work developing and designing the next generation of intelligent watches.

Their team of about 30 is made up of former Sony engineers which have been partnered with Swiss watch industry experts, meaning they know what they’re doing on the tech side. And apparently they have already developed a solution to the common smartwatch charging problems, so plenty to look forward to there.

Being headquartered in Malmo, Sweden, also gives them the benefit of the doubt in terms of looks – we know the Swedes are stylish with nearly everything they produce. So odds are, the new watches will be slick and clean in design.

Fredrik Rosén, CEO of Anima, tried to help us out a bit and gave a little more information on the brand philosophy:

“We are convinced that design, technology and user experience should be for the user and not the other way around. At Anima we put design and beauty in the center and add relevant smart functions. We make state-of-the-art designed products and we are convinced that we will create a watch that the world has never seen before.”

Sounds familiar, perhaps? Apple, the biggest player in the market that Anima is trying to enter into, has a similar strategy. The American giant is renowned for its simple yet intuitive designs and user friendliness. They also focus on aesthetics and claim to put the user first.

So Anima has clearly set its sights high. Will the Swedish brand be a true challenger or just a pretender? We’ll soon find out - their men’s and women’s watches will be available in the fourth quarter of 2016.