de Grisogono’s Alpine Wonderland

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December 2016

The Geneva-based Maison renews its affection for the Alps and brings the bling just in time for the holidays.

de Grisogono's Alpine Wonderland

You can always count on De Grisogono to put a sparkle in your eye. The Swiss luxury brand is known for it’s high bling factor for both its jewelry and watch creations. If you need a reminder, just take a look at one of their most popular timepieces, the Crazy Skull.

The brand also has a close affinity with the Swiss Alps, which are renowned for their own unique sparkle thanks to billions of snow crystals. The Geneva luxury house even partnered with the Rossignol Racing Department to produce an exclusive edition of skis last year.

de Grisogono's Alpine Wonderland

The brand has continued with the alpine motif, releasing a new marketing campaign for its collection just in time for the gift-giving season.

As part of the new campaign we have the Grappoli ladies’ timepiece in white gold set with white diamonds, which is joined by earrings and ring in white gold set with white diamonds and emeralds from the brand’s high jewelry collection.

de Grisogono's Alpine Wonderland

Then there is the New Retro series of timepieces for both men and women. Here, both models are in pink gold set with rubies.

The design is an homage to 1950’s style that was apparently inspired by a cigarette lighter. Whatever the inspiration was, the timepiece was a hit at last year’s Baselworld and it now comes in various renditions which can cost up to a half million dollars.

de Grisogono's Alpine Wonderland

We’ve grown to expect nothing less from Fawaz Gruosi, the man behind the sparkly brand. The Lebanese-Italian entrepreneur and now creative director has definitely left his personal mark his brand, despite the fact that he never received any formal training as a craftsman or artisan.

If you ask me, it’s exactly that kind of creative and entrepreneurial spirit that sets this brand apart from your usual high jewelry makers.