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Hall of Digital 2020


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August 2020

Hall of Digital 2020

In the absence of real-life watch fairs in 2020, with their greetings and handshakes, laughter and controversy, we invite you to browse through our Print Watch Fair special report. Here is our “Hall of Digital”, that includes horological creations by Tissot, Casio, Hamilton and TAG Heuer.


For years, people have been announcing the first “genuine” smartwatch from the Swiss leader of industrial watchmaking. In the end, the model was presented discreetly, right in the middle of the pandemic crisis. In appearance, this T-Touch differs little from previous versions of the first multifunctional, tactile watch in history, which is recharged by solar power. The major innovation it encloses is a low-consumption operating system, the SwALPS, developed in Switzerland by the Swatch Group, which enables the watch to connect to your mobile phone and, consequently, your notifications, activity tracker and other applications.

2. G-SHOCK GBD-H1000 by Casio

This newcomer to the vast G-Shock family is equipped with five sensors and thus as many features: an optical sensor measures heart rate by detecting blood flow beneath the skin; a triple sensor provides altitude, barometric pressure, compass bearing and temperature; and yet another lets you display the number of steps taken and distance travelled. The watch also has GPS functionality and an indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness. A Japanese “Swiss army knife”.

3. PSR by Hamilton

The very first, the ancestor of all modern digital display watches. With the reedition of the Hamilton Pulsar of 1970, the brand is playing a masterstroke at a period of rampant retrofuturist nostalgia. Remaining largely faithful to the original design, this reedition takes on board modern technologies, enabling it to offset the weaknesses of the 1970s model – notably, far greater autonomy and a hybrid LCD & OLED display. Watchmaking owes much to the PSR; a tribute was due (SEE SPECIAL FOLIO).


Can digital display, connectivity and luxury ever really go together? As a pioneer in the field since 2015, TAG Heuer, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, continues to believe so. And as proof that it is probably going to do so for some considerable time, this new generation of Connected was championed by the representative of the brand’s younger generation, Frédéric Arnault. “This model is now part of a complete TAG Heuer digital ecosystem, calibrated for performance and sport. Navigation has been completely rethought to provide a product that’s as intuitive and simple as possible,” underscores the new CEO.

The “sporty chic” mechanical watch – already by far the most popular segment in the contemporary watch market – is thus witnessing the birth of its digital equivalent. On the one hand, there is an elegant 45 mm case in steel or titanium with facetted lugs, alternating polished and brushed finishes, a graduated ceramic bezel and Carrera-inspired crown and pushers. On the other, a tactile OLED screen provides access, for example, to the new TAG Heuer Sports app, suitable for golf, running, cycling, walking or fitness training. Digital sporty chic.

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