Europa Star Chapter 3/18 global issue, out now

July 2018

Europa Star Chapter 3/18 global issue, out now

Check out the latest issue of Europa Star, where we explore everything from new materials, vintage watches, the vitality of national markets, and much more.


e kick off the issue with a cover story on none other than contemporary luxury giant Gucci. Under the guidance of Alessandro Michele, the brand has undergone a change in spirit, with a focus on bold shapes and eccentric designs. This is very obvious in Gucci’s new line of automatic watches, which even sport the famous Gucci snake as a GMT hand.

Europa Star Chapter 3/18 global issue, out now

New Materials: Discretion Advised

Serge Maillard introduces the new dossier on new materials and wonders whether we are seeing genuine progress based on objective research, or simply the smart work of marketing departments of watch brands.

Europa Star Chapter 3/18 global issue, out now

We also explore the shift from a focus on mechanical performance of timepieces to a recent focus on materials. But as Pierre Maillard reminds us, we’ve already seen the Royal Oak’s use of steel and Rado’s use tungsten carbide decades ago. So how new are these “new materials”?

The conclusion: discretion is advised.

Patina: the Holy Grail of Vintage

We also hear straight from the mouth of an experienced vintage watch aficionado, who shares his thoughts on sticky cheeses and the holy grail of vintage watches: patina. But what exactly is patina, and what should you look for?

Europa Star Chapter 3/18 global issue, out now

Signals from the Industry

Did you know that 90% of Swiss watches are sold by external retailers, rather than directly? Or that Casio has opened a new manufacturing base in Japan? Get up to speed with our latest edition of “Signals”.

National Analysis: Israel Searching for a Direction

In addition to an assessment of the complexity of the Indian luxury market – where things finally seem to look promising – Europa Star also travelled to Israel, and we report back after talking to major local retailers.

Europa Star Chapter 3/18 global issue, out now

While Israel is not among the top 30 destinations for Swiss watches, the country is hoping to capitalize on tourism to boost sales. But, as ever, geopolitics will have a big role to play there.

Interview Insights

For the latest insights from the biggest names in the industry, don’t miss our interviews with Laurent Perves, Vacheron Constantin’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Hamilton’s CEO Sylvain Dolla, or Van Cleef & Arpels’ President and CEO Nicolas Bos.

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