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Quote of the day: Tissot is getting smart

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March 2016

The Swatch Group subsidiary will launch a new smartwatch at Baselworld, according to CEO Nick Hayek. But specs and pricing of the new watch remain a mystery.

Ahead of the official start of Baselworld – which kicks off tomorrow – the Swatch Group has been getting some attention thanks to its Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek. He didn’t say much, but he revealed a lot at the same time:

“Tissot will present a smartwatch at Baselworld.”

Hayek didn’t elaborate on his comments, so we don’t know exactly what to expect from Tissot’s new smartwatch.

But we do know that Tissot has already made a foray into the smart sector, having launched a prototype watch with Bluetooth functionality last year. And we also know that the company isn’t a fan of the “typical” smartwatch like Apple’s.

The move to go smart is part of the Swatch Group strategy to fight the smartwatch war directly, developing an arsenal of different smartwatches with different, specialized functionalities.

Expect up to three new smartwatches to be released by the group this year alone. As for the Tissot smartwatch, we’ll report back and see just how big of a threat it might be to Apple’s dominance in the sector.