The new Europa Star - Chapter 4/17

October 2017

It is time to dissect the future of watch retail! This is what we do in our new issue of Europa Star. Don’t miss the latest insights on the watch industry, including the newest watch products. Check out the new issues of Europa Star Global and Première.

Europa Star Time.Business

Will it be “brick”, “click” or both? The watch industry appears to be at a crossroads. Is the traditional brick-and-mortar approach to retail the way to go? Or will it be the digital space that will prevail moving forward? The answer is not so straightforward.

The new Europa Star - Chapter 4/17

Pierre Maillard’s editorial kicks off the newest issue of Europa Star’s Time.Business folio, which continues with a dozen testimonials that provide a preview of the nature of doing business in the watch industry across the globe. Hint: there are many different scenarios, but in the end there will need for some compromise between the digital and the analogue way of doing things.

Europa Star Time.Keeper

As ever, the latest edition of Europa Star’s Time.Keeper folio provides unparalleled exposes of specific watch products. Take, for instance, the latest revolution in watchmaking; the post-Huygens era of watchmaking. That’s right, about 350 years after Christian Huygens introduced his then groundbreaking regulator, we now have the latest innovation in the shape of the new oscillator by the Zenith Defy Lab. It is a major development in watchmaking.

The new Europa Star - Chapter 4/17

The new issue also gets biblical, of sorts. In a portfolio feature, we look at the “The Horological Noah’s Arc” and explore why and how the natural world inspires watchmaking. From the birds to the bees and everything in between, we provide some answers about the watch world’s fascination with the animal kingdom.

The new Europa Star - Chapter 4/17

In another feature that shouldn’t be missed, we do a teardown of the new Tissot Swissmatic. Just like we did with the Swatch System 51, we dissect the new mechanism and expose what the added value of the movement is for the customer. In the end, it’s brilliant, it’s simple, and it might just be what makes the Swiss automatic watch accessible to the everyman.

The new Europa Star - Chapter 4/17

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