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A collaborative watch design project


October 2019

A collaborative watch design project

Rafael Simoes Miranda, founder of the independent Swiss watch brand Dwiss, has just launched the Watch Design Club. The aim of the project is to create a collaborative timepiece, on the basis of feedback from the 200 members. It’s a new example of how social networks and the web are transforming the industry’s creative processes.


afael Simoes Miranda knows what it takes to design a watch. Born in Brazil and now living in Italy, he worked as a designer for a number of watch companies before launching his own brand, called Dwiss. We caught up with him during the latest Salon de Montreal in Canada. He has also just launched a new adventure: the first “watch design club”.

So, what is a watch design club? Rafael Simoes Miranda, whose creations have been recognised with several international awards (including the Red Dot Design Award), wanted to experiment with something fresh: a collaborative process to come up with a new watch design. Funding for new brands and watches is increasingly sourced in a collaborative way, through Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms (check out our latest issue on the most promising new brands).

So why not harness the possibilities of the web in the creative process of designing a new watch? Linking enthusiasts from all around the world, Miranda launched his design club at the beginning of October. The initiative got off to a strong start: more than 50 aficionados subscribed in the first five hours after the project went live on the internet. Membership costs $79 per month, including a full year membership bonus to Europa Star Club for all readers of this article.

There are still places available, for anyone who is interested. The project, which will last for almost a year, is intended to bring together 200 participants. Registrations opened first for Dwiss customers and will remain open throughout November for everyone else, on a “first come, first served” basis.

By subscribing through the link above, you get a one-year Full Digital Subscription to Europa Star Club as a bonus which offers immense added value. It includes access to 60,000 digitised pages from our horological magazine archives dating back to the 1950s – a unique resource in the watchmaking landscape.

Rafael Simoes Miranda
Rafael Simoes Miranda

How much “power” will members have? They will actively participate in the creative process to create the case, the dial, the hands, the bracelet and the buckle of the collaborative timepiece. The first prototype will be introduced at the next edition of Baselworld in May 2020, and production is scheduled to begin between June and September 2020.

A limited edition, specially designed for club members, will be produced and distributed in November 2020. This jointly-designed watch will be presented to the juries of several international competitions with which Miranda is already familiar. Finally, anyone who followed the progress of the project without participating in the club will have the opportunity to acquire the watch for CHF 1,390.

Various design prizes won by Rafael Simoes Miranda, the founder of Dwiss and organiser of the Design Watch Club.
Various design prizes won by Rafael Simoes Miranda, the founder of Dwiss and organiser of the Design Watch Club.

During the process, Miranda will share his experience as a multi-award-winning designer with the club members, to try to win the first collaborative design prize for the first collaborative watch. As he puts it, “Club members will have to be motivated and have the endurance of top athletes. Participating in a contest is giving the best of oneself every moment, otherwise it is a waste of time. Only with persistence, practice and experience can you win the Grail!”

For more information, visit the Watch Design Club.