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January 2019

Recommended reading

F.P.JOURNE - Invenit et Fecit by Jean-Pierre Grosz
ROLEX 1905-1960 by Marco Strazzi
MY TIME Christie’s with Sandro Frantini

F.P.JOURNE - Invenit et Fecit

by Jean-Pierre Grosz

Recommended reading

The fascinating book that recounts the legend of François-Paul Journe has finally been released. Over 360 pages, the author relates his childhood as an enfant terrible in Marseille; his wild adolescent friendships, his joys and indiscretions; his hopes and doubts for his future; and, finally, the revelation of the world of watchmaking – a universe that was to become his vocation and would open up wonderful new horizons. The author narrates François-Paul’s research on precision; his love of creating, constructing, and innovating; his successes and victories; but also his doubts, frustrations and rebellions; the events that made him what he is today, why he practises his particular style of watchmaking, which collectors so admire. He writes about his constant search for perfection, from the niche he has constructed for himself, little by little, and with great dedication, to the brilliant watchmaker-constructor he has become; about his talent recognised by his peers and rewarded by countless international prizes, and about his deep need for independence. An instinctive creator who constantly strives for excellence, François-Paul always avoids banality and facility; banality is deadly. He also writes about his distinctive approach that favours quality over quantity, and explains how he transformed his watches into works of art that sublimate the wrists of their wearers. The book F.P.Journe - Invenit et Fecit will give you many delightful hours as you learn all about the unique trajectory of François-Paul Journe.

360 pages | CHF 230

ROLEX 1905-1960

by Marco Strazzi

Recommended reading

This book focuses on the first half-century of the company – the years that shaped its identity and paved the way to worldwide success. Each chapter opens with a timeline of the remarkable events that took place in the relevant period. This is followed by table of the movements introduced in the same years. Then come the watches along with plenty of pictures, articles outlining their history, and technical data. Given Rolex’s considerable investment in advertising, several pages are devoted to ads and comments on their contents. Innovation gets the space it deserves through an overview of patents granted to the company. The company’s significant media presence is not limited to advertisements – the trade press has frequently featured reports about Rolex, and the company itself has published a number of booklets and brochures about its achievements. These are found at the end of most sections.

English - Italian | 358 pages | CHF 190


Christie’s with Sandro Frantini

Recommended reading

Sandro Frantini represents the second generation of the famous Frantini family of entrepreneurs, who founded the internationally renowned Italian Rifle jeans brand in 1958. This book is about Sandro Frantini’s personal watch collection and his passion for it. The 688-page large format Ultimate reference book has been produced with the great care that is an appropriate to its exceptional photographic content; it will reveal to the public a watch collection that has never been seen before. This book reveals examples of celebrated vintage Patek Phlippe and Rolex wristwatches, many of the unique pieces unknown to the collection community. In addition, a fine selection of mid-century Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and Cartier watches are lavishly illustrated in this massive book. Only a privileged few have seen these watches before and now the public has the opportunity to study, admire, and compare many of the most important watches ever made.

650 illustrations | 688 pages | CHF 838

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