Georges Kern: “A dozen global brands, no more”


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March 2020

Georges Kern: “A dozen global brands, no more”

Surviving and thriving in our globalised, digital age means being one of those happy few brands that reach “godlike status”, as Georges Kern puts it. The CEO and co-shareholder of Breitling is outspoken about the obsolescence of watch fairs, reducing the “noise” in Breitling’s aesthetics, and his vision of the new luxury. He also tells us about an in-house automatic movement, and the big launch of the year. We met him in Grenchen.


s one might have expected with the arrival of Georges Kern – not only as CEO but also as shareholder – Breitling has changed a lot in two years. The first step in the five-year development plan signed with investor CVC Capital Partners (which acquired the brand for $870 million in 2017) was simply to get back “in control”, as Georges Kern explains. This required building a new management team as well as integrating the distribution network.

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