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Meeting the leading female collectors from Kuwait

January 2024

Meeting the leading female collectors from Kuwait

An engineer by training and a lover of fine watches, Anwar Yaqob Alyousef founded the Kuwait Watch Club Ladies early last year. We caught up with her to discuss her latest activities and her fascination with watches.


he city of Kuwait has a watch club, Kuwait Watch Club Ladies (KWCL), founded by Anwar Yaqob Alyousef, the sole founder.

KWCL was launched in January 2023. The platform allows watch passions to flow as minds are ignited on watchmaking accompanied by passionate watch discussions that honor the artistry of watchmaking.

Our interview.

Meeting the leading female collectors from Kuwait

Europa Star: Take us through a time journey of your collections and the inspiration behind each piece you have collected.

Anwar Yaqob Alyousef : I am a collector and I obsessively review watches. Let us start the journey with Rolex Batgirl, Rolex Sprite, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Richard Mille 07-01, Audemars Piguet Offshore Royal Oak, Dior Pièce Unique Aquarelle. This Dior, oh this exquisite Dior of mine… it is spectacular, very elaborate in detail, and gives extra intimacy. The watches describe who I am. If I was a watch, I would be a Dior Aquarelle. Oh, and I love Konstantin Chaykin.

Meeting the leading female collectors from Kuwait

What were the first pieces you collected?

The first piece I collected is my hard hitter, the Nautilus. I believe this was a life and death situation and it was very hard to acquire it. My RM 07-01 is also part of my collection of first pieces. Everytime I wear it, it is a piece of heaven, it smells, it feels extra beautiful, it feels like angels make it, it was hard to get one, but I could finally get it. I cried when I got it, this piece deserved some tears. It felt like beautiful tears. It is my only RM. I love independent watchmakers, I love and cherish them as they make their legacy, their path and create something out of nothing. This is the part of my adult watch collection life.

In my younger life, I loved beautiful objects. Whenever I got straight A’s in school, my parents asked me what I wanted and I would say blingy watches inclusive of the nameless ones, then I went to fashionable watches Dior and then I went up to the heavy hitters, the real ones. I stopped collecting bags to get the watches. “Passionate obsession” is the best way to describe myself.

Meeting the leading female collectors from Kuwait

How did you develop your taste in watches and are there specific pieces you prefer?

I am very picky, and I take my time selecting, it has to speak to my soul and we have a conversation, we have a connection. This is my DNA. Even if it is a gift, I won’t accept it if there is no connection. This is probably a female trait, as we are often driven by emotional connection.

What is the structure and organization of the club?

First of all, I am excited and happy to announce that Kuwait Ladies Watch Club (KWCL) is a registered company in the State of Kuwait, and it is a licensed trademark inclusive of the logo. We are strong on our Instagram page with more than 1,500 followers and now an official company.

I started by reaching out to Kuwait Watch Collectors and I asked to collect with them as they have a subscription and since they declined, I decided to create my own club. I would have been just another member not a founder but here we are now a platform with followers from the Gulf area, Kuwait, and many other countries. It is a platform to empower women, globally using the gate of women. A platform for us to speak on what dials we want, hairspring, what complications, etc. It is a pleasure to bring and share insights and knowledge to the ladies as a community for ladies.

Is your background similar to your timepiece passion?

I am an engineer and engineering is a portal that gives you a toolbox for life whereby you imply “minimum input, maximum output”. My profession opened the horizon for me to understand how things work in the watchmaking universe. It increased my curiosity and I would ask myself: how does this beautiful dial work and why? What gives the caliber motion? How does the mainspring work? Sometimes I want to wear the watch back front as the open case is more interesting than the dials. This is the engineer in me, looking at contraptions in moving parts both in my profession and my passion, watches.

Meeting the leading female collectors from Kuwait

Watch collecting has been synonymous with men, yet there is an array of female collectors actively involved like you. How is KWCL playing a role in more women collecting pieces in Kuwait?

Through collaborating with women and giving them an environment to share in this universe, comfortably as we all learn from each other, globally.

Have you held any events, collaborations or formed partnerships relevant to the club’s DNA?

During the Dubai Watch Week in November this year, we partnered with a watch brand. As the founder of the Kuwait Ladies Watch Club, I also participated in the All Female Talking Panel in Singapore Watch Fair for the topic of “The Rise of Female Watch Collecting. “

We discussed the challenges facing the female Watch community in the Middle East, what the club stands and aspires to in regard of women empowerment and providing a platform to voice for the Watch community especially ladies, how the my journey with watch collecting started, how the club bridges gaps between clients and brands hence brands can better cater to clients’ needs, all the way to what advice we provide to individuals just commencing their watch collecting journey.

The club shall host events from next year, January. In regards to partnerships, Ineichen Watches approached the club to partner as it recently celebrated 50 years. They have an appreciation for how we showcase the club on Instagram.

Not much is known about Kuwait, and a lot is misunderstood about Kuwait. Do you feel you are using watches to showcase Kuwait in a different way and enlighten people?

Totally. You always use the tool which you are best in showcasing with to drive your agenda. And shedding light on Kuwait. Kuwaiti ladies have been collectors of all types of luxury from pearls, jewellery, now watches, cars, etc We have been conquering areas such as engineers, police women and sectors which are predominantly male in other countries.

Meeting the leading female collectors from Kuwait

What watches are not in Kuwait and the club hopes to enable its entry into the market?

We would love to have more independent pieces in Kuwait such as Bovet, F.P.Journe, H. Moser & Cie, Parmigiani Fleurier, MB&F, Konstantin Chaykin, etc. Our vision is to be an entry path and possibly a partner for such brands.

What do Kuwait women want in a watch, are they getting what they want? If not, what do they want and do brands know and understand what women desire? Do most Kuwait women want pieces that are feminine in design?

It is no longer about the beautiful faces and the big names. We enjoy exploring the independent watchmakers. Why don’t we embrace the tourbillon, etc and be more individual. There is more variety to the watch world, more movements, and this is our mission.

Vintage is also a huge sector. Because we are an ancient community, and pieces are passed on from grandparents downwards, this is very common. That is the beauty of the watch collection, it is a legacy. We have had this legacy for a long while. It resonates with women of Kuwait.

What is the future of Kuwait as a watch collectors’ platform that focuses on women?

It is definitely growing and there is a huge focus on non-jewellery watches from brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet. Brands are joining in the journey of KWCL as it makes it easier for them to understand clients better, as the club is the mediator conveying their needs and wants to brands.

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