A preview of Dubai Watch Week’s 2021 Horology Forum

October 2021

A preview of Dubai Watch Week's 2021 Horology Forum

Taking place from 24–28 November, Dubai Watch Week will facilitate open conversations between collectors, designers, master craftsmen, artists, and creative minds from across industries as part of its Horology Forum.


ubai Watch Week has revealed an impressive roster of speakers for its seventh edition of the Horology Forum. Taking place from 24–28 November at The Gate, DIFC, the education platform will continue to facilitate open conversations between collectors, designers, master craftsmen, artists, and creative minds from across industries as part of its renowned Horology Forum.

Leading authorities in horology, the arts, commerce, and entertainment will be participating to share their thoughts on the industry’s most debated topics, and all audience members are encouraged to participate as part of the no-holds-barred panels. This year’s edition includes a line-up of internationally renowned speakers and moderators set to include Her Excellency Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority; François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet; Leonie Flückiger, Co-Founder Adresta AG; Christine Hutter, CEO of Moritz Grossmann; Oskar Metsavaht, environmental activist and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador; Danny Govberg, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of WatchBox; Myrna Ayad, Art Consultant and Cultural Strategist; and Nicholas Foulkes, Author, and Historian.

A preview of Dubai Watch Week's 2021 Horology Forum

Tackling universally interesting topics, the Horology Forum brings together people across a multitude of industries and provides distinctive points of view on the industry and beyond. Panel topics include ‘Epicurious Collectivist #IYKYK’, a panel weighing pros and cons when democratising art and luxury knowledge; ‘I love my Patek, what does it do?’, a session investigating stigmas and knowledge when it comes to collector credibility; ‘Cryp tic-tac-to, where’d human error go’, a panel deciphering luxury’s ascension to crypto and how it transcends limits; as well as a Carte Blanche discussion — during which audience members can anonymously ask panellists questions for an even more dynamic and immersive experience.

“An original concept pioneered by Dubai Watch Week, the Horology Forum fosters honest conversation, nurtures learning and drives education across communities. We are delighted to welcome this year’s speakers, who no doubt will provide valuable insights into their respective fields.” said Hind Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, Director General of Dubai Watch Week. “It is through open channels of communication that we can continue to disrupt and evolve the horological industry for the better, with this year set to be the most exciting global exchange yet.”

For those unable to attend the sessions in-person, Dubai Watch Week will be live streaming each Horology Forum panel discussion on dubaiwatchweek.com.

Dubai Watch Week is free to enter for the duration of the event.

A preview of Dubai Watch Week's 2021 Horology Forum

Full list of speakers:

  • Alain Silberstein – Architect and Designer
  • Aldis Hodge - Actor and Horologist
  • Ali Nael – Collector, Watch Expert, and founder of 2ToneVintage
  • Andrew Hildreth - Liveryman, Worshipful Company of Clockmakers and a Fellow, Royal Statistical Society
  • Anish Bhatt - Founder and CEO, WATCHANISH
  • Barbara Palumbo - Jewellery & Watch Editor, Podcast Host
  • Christine Hutter- CEO, Moritz Grossmann
  • Cyba Audi - Founder & CEO, Saba Consultants
  • Danny Govberg - Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, WatchBox
  • Fabrizio Buonamassa - Design Centre Director, Bulgari
  • Felix Baumgartner - Co-Founder, URWERK
  • François-Henry Bennahmias – CEO, Audemars Piguet
  • Georges Kern – CEO, Breitling
  • Her Excellency Hala Badri - Director General of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority
  • Jim McHugh – Photographer
  • Laila Mostafa Abdullatif - Director General, Emirates Nature - WWF
  • Leonie Flückiger - Co-Founder, Adresta AG
  • Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni – CEO, Dubai Blockchain Centre
  • Manuel Emch - Delegate Board Member, Louis Erard and Founder, Le Büro
  • Maximilian Büsser- Founder, MB&F
  • Michael Clerizo - Author and Journalist
  • Michel Loris-Melikoff- Managing Director, Baselworld
  • Mishaal Kanoo – Chairman, Kanoo Group
  • Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi - Chief Commercial Officer, Seddiqi Holding
  • Myrna Ayad - Arts Consultant, Editor and Cultural Strategist
  • Nélida Nassar - Art Critic
  • Nicholas Foulkes – Author and Historian
  • Oskar Metsavaht- Founder of Osklen, environmental activist and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
  • Pierre Biver - Watch Enthusiast
  • Rexhep Rexhepi - Independent watchmaker
  • Ricardo Karam – Founder, TAKREEM and TAKminds
  • Sofia Guellaty - Founder and Editor in Chief at MILLE World
  • Suzanne Wong - Veteran Watch Journalist
A preview of Dubai Watch Week's 2021 Horology Forum

Full list of Horology Forum panel topics:

Alignment of the Fittest

  • 24 November at 10am
  • Moderator: Cyba Audi
  • Speakers: Anish Bhatt, Georges Kern, Michel Loris-Melikoff.
  • A panel examining the alignment of online personas with actual identities in their pursuit of relevance.

Epicurious Collectivist #IYKYK

  • 24 November at 12pm
  • Moderator: Michael Clerizo
  • Speakers: François-Henry Bennahmias, Jim McHugh, Sofia Guellaty (virtual).
  • A panel weighing pros and cons when democratizing art and luxury knowledge.

I love my Patek, what does it do?

  • 25 November at 10am
  • Moderator: Nicholas Foulkes
  • Speakers: Ali Nael, Danny Govberg, Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi.
  • A panel calculating how much knowledge money buys, and the stigma in certain cultures when it comes to collector credibility.

Authentic poor rich sell-out

  • 25 November at 12pm
  • Moderator: Myma Ayad
  • Speakers: Maximilian Büsser, Nélida Nassar, Alain Silberstein
  • A panel appraising ’authentic commercial success’ in creative industries. How do luxury markets handle the precarious spectrum and what is now considered authentic success in creative industries?

On the bright side, at least we don’t (blank) anymore

  • 26 November at 10am
  • Moderator: Ricardo Karam
  • Speakers: Oskar Metsavaht, Laila Mostafa Abdullatif
  • A panel pinpointing exactly what luxury is doing to sustain environmental and social justice. What are the contradictions at play, how are they being addressed, and by whom?

Did you just assume my trope?

  • 26 November at 12pm
  • Moderator: Andrew Hildreth
  • Speakers: Manuel Emch, Pierre Biver.
  • A panel confronting stereotypes as collectors in different stages pigeonhole each other from across 3 generations: Generation X, Millennial and Generation Z.

Cryp tic-tac-to, where’d human error go?

  • 27 November at 10am
  • Speakers: Leonie Flückiger, Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni
  • A panel deciphering luxury’s ascension to Crypto and how it is being used by luxury industries and affiliates.


  • 28 November at 10am
  • Moderator: Suzanne Wong
  • Speakers: Aldis Hodge (virtual), Fabrizio Buonamassa, Christine Hutter
  • The future of gender watches in watchmaking- will watches eventually be completely abolished from having any gender at all in this pan-day and age?

What do you do when we come for you?

  • 28 November at 10am
  • Moderator: Mishal Kanoo
  • Speakers: Her Excellency Hala Badri, Rexhep Rexhepi, Felix Baumgartner.
  • A panel bringing in agents of change to investigate how industries ’welcome’ them, and which survive to become leaders

Carte Blanche

  • 28 November at 12pm
  • Moderator: Barbara Palumbo
  • In every panel leading up to the seventh Horology Forum grand finale ’Carte Blanche,’ white cards will be available for audience members to anonymously write down any question, in general or for a specific panellist.
A preview of Dubai Watch Week's 2021 Horology Forum

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