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About Govberg Jewelers


October 2017

About Govberg Jewelers

Founded in Philadelphia in 1916, Govberg Jewelers’ speciality was limited to jewellery. But for the last 35 years, under the direction of Danny Govberg, the name has become synonymous with horology.


oday, Govberg operates from their recently inaugurated headquarters in the Philadelphia suburbs and three welcoming showrooms in the Philadelphia region and Cleveland suburbs. Danny recognised years ago that selling new timepieces was only one avenue to support the life of a watch enthusiast, and he developed expert services – such as a highly active preowned watch initiative – to support the evolving needs of the watch consumer.

Since then, a dedicated pre-owned buying division has earned the trust of thousands of clients worldwide, and Govberg actively purchases luxury timepieces from private collections and individual estates each day, including many in the form of a trade-in alongside the purchase of a new timepiece. And the company answers its clients’ increasing desire to purchase pre-owned timepieces with an ever-expanding, curated inventory of luxury pre-owned watches for sale.

About Govberg Jewelers

But this model is a reflection of the trust and confidence clients have when working with an established, authorised retailer. We have put in place (and continue to expand) a sophisticated team of watch enthusiasts with an deep understanding of secondary market value, and forward-thinking computer developers and engineers. This allows us to offer services across multiple platforms (plus communication via phone/in-store), meeting the demands of tech-savvy luxury consumers and streamlining the processes of buying and selling pre-owned timepieces. These services are ultimately the driving force for year-over-year growth in sales and revenue.

In addition to watch selling and trading portals accessible on, Govberg also offers the ultimate toolbox for the enthusiast – a mobile app designed for collection management, ease of buying, selling and trading timepieces and access to the latest pre-owned inventory and news hitting the watch scene.

About Govberg Jewelers

Sophistication, connection, influences…

The modern consumer is increasingly sophisticated and connected, and digital technology affords exposure to an endless range of influences. Consumers are empowered by social networks and digital devices, and since they are no longer bound to a store’s hours of operation, they dictate how and when they want to interact with a brand. Accordingly, Govberg’s evolving business strategy maintains a focus on the end consumer, operating under the premise that time is the number one luxury. Govberg’s services are designed to save the consumer time, and we must be agile and focused as we bring new concepts and opportunities to the marketplace.

This agenda is backed by extensive and reliable market data, with an ongoing emphasis on innovation and efficiency.

In his personal thesis on ‘luxury commerce’, Danny Govberg sought to define the intersection of traditional bricks-and-mortar retail and e-commerce, when the conditions of personalised client service, education, expert counsel and tech-aided convenience are at peak levels.

One pillar of luxury commerce is the consumer engagement that takes place before one steps into a showroom, lands upon a homepage or picks up the phone. Through a product-forward video initiative, Govberg has leveraged the expertise of its media team to bring hands-on watch exploration to a global audience; communicating functions, features, provenance and context of new and pre-owned collections – at the reference number level.

The digital space affords the flexibility that the consumer expects, so we bring your watch of interest to life on your iPad late at night, on your smartphone at a red light, and at any other moment that curiosity is piqued. Consumers enjoy access to Govberg’s highly-trained, concierge-style associates via phone, email, live chat, in-app communication and, of course, the traditional dialogue at the store level.

We focus on environments and opportunities to engage, connect and foster an authentic rapport, and that is achieved with respect to individual communication preferences. This also comprises collector events, casual gatherings, formal brand dinners and ultra-exclusive factory tours and trips; the relationship is fluid and does not require the confines of a store.”